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①Use Hanger bolt to attach Mounting Rails or Bracket systems to wood surfaces such as roof rafters or beams
②Secure solar panels to Mounting Rails or frames with Clamp, Tile Hook
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​③The N-Type Pre-Assembly Bracket makes it easier to secure and align PV panels.

Firm anchoring, provide Stability , corrosion-resistant material, improve Resistance to environmental stress , Easy to install , suitable for different thicknesses of panels, One-stop Service, Competitive prices

Goshen Solar Panel Brackets
"Optimize Solar Power Generation with Secure, Adjustable Solar Brackets"
Technological Innovation : Goshen emphasizes continuous technological innovation to drive sustainable enterprise development, particularly focusing on new energy technology innovation and industrial application.
Global Leadership Ambition :  We aims to establish itself as a global leader in new energy power generation system technology, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the field of new energy development, specifically promoting solar energ
Customer-Centric Approach: Goshen aims to provide customers with cost-effective and sustainable new energy solutions, indicating a strong focus on meeting customer needs and preferences in the solar photovoltaic market.
Quality Certifications and Partnerships: We   holds ISO9001 andSGS technical certifications, underscoring its commitment to product quality. Additionally, long-term partnerships with companies such as Wuerth, Sun Power, and Enphase Energy further enhance its credibility and market position.
  • Production Capacity​​​​​​​

    Large-Scale Manufacturing Capability : extensive production capacity, including the number of production lines, advanced equipment, and daily/monthly output.
    Rapid Response Capability : adjust production schedules to meet customer demands and adapt flexibly to market fluctuations and order volumes.
  • Quality Control System​​​​​​​
    Stringent Quality Management System : Raw material procurement, production process control, product testing, and certification.
    Quality Assurance Measures: our products adhere to relevant standards and regulations and provide quality assurance, such as long-term warranties and product return policies.
  • Delivery Time​​​​​​​

    Reliable Delivery Commitments : on-time delivery of orders and the ability to meet urgent order requirements.
    Coordinated Supply Chain Management: Effective supply chain management ensures timely supply of raw materials and finished products
  • Additional Services

    Technical Support and After-Sales Service
    Cost-Effectiveness :Offering competitive price
    OEM non-standard parts
    One-stop Shop :eco-friendly materials and energy-saving measures
Features and Advantages Of Our  Solar Bracket
    Applications for Your  Solar Projects
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    Assembly Of Solar Photovoltaic Panels
    Solar Photovoltaic Ground Mounting
    Solar Photovoltaic Roof Installation
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    FAQ About Solar Panel Mounting Brackets
    • Why choose Goshen?
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      We have been specializing in solar mounting designing and producing more than 10 years, all of our products are exported to America,Germany ,Brazil, Spain, South Africa ect..
    • If any quality problem caused, what you can do?
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      We will issue you an warranty letter which ensure that if any quality problem cause within our warranty time, we will send the replacement to you without any charge.
    • How long is your delivery time?
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      Generally it is about 14 days if the goods are in stock, or it is 15-21 days if no stock. It is according to the quantity.
    • Do you provide samples?Is it free or extra?
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      Yes, we could offer the standard sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.
    • How could I install?
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      We provide install instruction for every type of products, and we have complete after-sales service system to solve all your problems.
    • Could you design & produce according to customers' request?
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      Sure, we have very rich experience in customizing production. We have an excellent design team to offer you professional OEM design service.
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