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The solar Energy Demonstration village project in Mali undertaken by China Energy Conservation has been completed and accepted
The China-assisted Solar Energy Demonstration Village Project in Mali, undertaken by China Geological Engineering Group Co., LTD., a subsidiary of China Energy Conservation Institute, has been completed and accepted in the villages of Mariconobula and Karan. A total of 1,195 sets of off-grid solar h
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The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will build two photovoltaic power stations in the Banovi and Breza regions
Biznisinfo, a BiH media outlet, reported on April 14. The Federal Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has given preliminary approval to the Federal Ministry of Energy and Mineral Industry to initiate the process of issuing an energy licence to the Sarajevo branch of the Bih Electric Company for the
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India's PV capacity could reach 110GW by 2026
India could become the world's second largest photovoltaic producer by 2026, according to a survey released by research institutes. The country will also have a significant presence in all upstream component markets for PV production, such as PV cells, silicon rods/wafers and polysilicon. According
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The meeting between the heads of state of China and Brazil!
On 14 April, the People's Republic of China and the Federal Republic of Brazil issued a joint Statement on deepening their comprehensive strategic partnership. Article 30 of the statement states that the two sides reaffirm their readiness to cooperate in the fields of renewable energy, energy transf
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The difference between fasteners and connectors
Fastener: A fastener is a general term for a class of mechanical parts used to fasten two or more parts (or components) together into a single unit.Connector: Connector is used for steel member, wood member and steel, wood two kinds of connection between the metal parts.What's the difference between
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The general use of U-bolt places are what
A U-bolt is a U-shaped fastener bolt used to secure pipes to various surfaces and supporting structures.U-bolt is often used in the following construction: metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, vehicles, ships, electric power, Bridges and other mechanical hydraulic system of oil, water, gas as t
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