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Hanger Bolt

Hanger Bolt

Inner Clamp

Klip Lock Clamp

N-Type Pre-Assembly Bracket

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Product Advantages

Ease of Installation

Designed reasonably for easy installation, allowing for quick and effective assembly and installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

Corrosion Resistance

Made of corrosion-resistant materials, able to withstand corrosion in harsh environmental conditions, prolonging service life.

High Strength

Possess good mechanical strength and rigidity, capable of withstanding the stresses of solar photovoltaic systems under adverse weather conditions.

Reliability and Stability

Subjected to rigorous quality control and testing to ensure the reliability and stability of the fasteners under various working conditions.


Compatible with various types of photovoltaic components and mounting systems,accommodate different project requirements and configurations.

Precision Engineering

Precise dimensions and tolerances to ensure proper fitting and alignment during installation, contributing to the overall stability and efficiency of the solar photovoltaic system.

Environmental Certification

Products comply with environmental standards and certification requirements, meeting customers' demands for environmentally friendly products and enhancing competitiveness.


Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments and prolonged exposure to sunlight, these fasteners are typically durable and long-lasting, minimizing the need for maintenance or replacement over the lifespan of the solar photovoltaic system.


We are focusing on solar mounting structures, including Roof, Ground Solutions, and Solar Carports.

Solar Roof Mounting

Solar Carport Mounting

Solar Ground Mounting

Pick the mounting accessories you need!

Hear From Customers

“Sturdy !”

"The solar PV mounting brackets I purchased were sturdy and well-designed. They provided a secure and stable foundation for my solar panels, even in windy conditions."

Bill K.of Scituate,MA

“Cost reasonable!”

"The cost of the fasteners was reasonable, especially considering the quality and performance they deliver. I would definitely recommend them to others looking for reliable solar panel mounting solutions."

Bill K.of Scituate,MA


"Installation was straightforward thanks to the clear instructions provided with the mounting brackets. They were adjustable, which made it easy to align the panels for maximum sunlight exposure."

Bill K.of Scituate,MA

What GoShen Offer

Customized SolutIon

Large-Scale Manufacturing Capability: extensive production capacity, including the number of production lines, advanced equipment, and daily/monthly output.

Rapid Response Capability: adjust production schedules to meet customer demands and adapt flexibly to market fluctuations and order volumes.

Quality Control System​​​​​​​

Stringent Quality Management System: Raw material procurement, production process control, product testing, and certification.

Quality Assurance Measures: our products adhere to relevant standards and regulations and provide quality assurance, such as long-term warranties and product return policies.​​​​​​​

Delivery Time​​​​​​​

Reliable Delivery Commitments: on-time delivery of orders and the ability to meet urgent order requirements.

Coordinated Supply Chain Management: Effective supply chain management ensures timely supply of raw materials and finished products

Solaris Renewables' Services

By offering these comprehensive services, we aim to enable our customers to harness the benefits of solar energy efficiently and sustainably.

Technical Support

Provides technical assistance throughout the project lifecycle, from design and installation to maintenance,ensuring that installations meet quality standards and regulatory requirements.

After-Sales Service

Come with warranties, and we provide after-sales support to address any issues or concerns promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction and system longevity.


Provide price advantages to customers by offering volume discounts on bulk purchases, running promotional campaigns with discounted prices, and offering customized pricing for large-scale projects or repeat customers.

One-stop Service

Provide personalized solar solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, offering expert guidance in selecting the most suitable PV components.

Verified Certificates

our Verified Certificates

Solar Show

We are committed to participating in various solar energy exhibitions

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