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What is wood screws

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Wood screws?A screw designed for a wood or a similar material, with a point, a relatively coarse thread, a thick shank, and, usually, an unthreaded portion of the shank at the head end.

Wood screws material

An iron based material with a minimum of 10.5% chromium. This material is known for its corrosion resistance and has varying strengths depending on the amount of chromium and nickel alloy. The chromium forms a protective layer when exposed to oxygen, keeping the steel underneath from corroding. There are over 150 grades of this material with the 304 and 316 series being the most common.

Different types of wood screws

Wood screws are classified by the type of drive, the shape of head, its length and whether it is designed for wood or metal; this page refers to wood screws only.

Head shapes.

Countersunk heads can be concealed below the woods surface; raised heads are countersunk with a slight domed head; round heads rest on the surface.

Types of drive.

The two basic drive designs are single slot and crosshead, crossheads are normally either 'Philips' or 'Pozidrive', these require specific types of screwdriver although a Philips driver can be used on Pozidrive screws. It is always important to use the correct size of screw driver to ensure that the workpiece and screw are not damaged.

Difference between wood screws and metal screws

Metal wood screws are superior to nails because they have threads instead of being smooth like most nails. This lets them grip surrounding wood with much more power, offering greater strength than nails. Wood screw threads are so effective they draw the two halves of a joint together tightly, eliminating the need for clamps in a way that nails can’t match. Combine screws and glue and you’ll have an amazingly strong wood joint. And because screws are installed with twisting action delivered by a drill or hand driver, you get none of the destructive pounding that comes with hammer-driven nails.

Length of wood screws

The length of screw is taken from the surface of the material to the point of the screw.

wood screws used for

Wood screws still appeal to antique furniture makers and restorers who require them to stay true to the design and build style of said furniture.Screws are extremely strong, making them a popular choice for hanging heavy doors.Wood screws can be used in conjunction with wall plugs to hang objects such as curtain rails and towel racks.

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