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What is flange nut?Flange nut service characteristics

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  Flange nut definition We generally refer to the nut of the hexagonal flange face as the flange nut. The use of flange nuts is also very common. Generally, many flange bolts are required for the use of flange nuts. Moreover, if the flange nut is used, the fastening is very good. There is a flange face that works well with screw bolts. The fastening performance is much better than the hex nut.

  The basic knowledge of the flange nut is as follows: the flange nut has iron and stainless steel. But 鉄 is more commonly used. And it can also be electroplated according to the color that customers need. One Yin plating treatment is environmentally friendly and non-environmental. Electroplating with environmentally friendly color zinc, environmentally friendly nickel, environmentally friendly blue zinc, environmentally friendly black zinc, etc. also have ordinary electroplating, white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, white nickel and so on.

  name: Hexagon nuts with flange

  Flange nut other names with pad nut, flower nut, hex flange nut, flange nut, etc.

  The function or use of the flange nut is mostly used on the pipe connection or the workpiece that needs to be added to the nut contact surface.

  Flange nut material: A3 low carbon steel 35K high speed steel wire 45# steel 40CR35 Crmoa

  Flange nut hardness grade: 4 grade 5 grade 6 grade 8 grade 10 grade 12 grade

  Flange nut surface treatment: generally divided into two kinds of zinc plating and white zinc plating, and generally cold electroplated zinc

  Flange nut main specifications M5M6M8M10M12M16M20 (M20 and above specifications and M14M18 flange nut

  More often than not used)

  Flange screw thread specifications: refer to the national standard thread

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