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What are weld nuts

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The welding nut is a nut suitable for welding outside the nut. It is generally made of weldable materials and is suitable for welding. Welding is equivalent to two separate parts into a whole, with a high temperature metal melt together and then cooling, in the middle will join alloy, internal is a function of molecular force, intensity is generally larger than the maternal strength. The test of welding parameters shall be based on the fusion size of the weld and adjust the welding parameters according to the melting size until the defects are eliminated. Of course, the welding quality is related to the pre-welding treatment, cleaning ash, oil stain, etc. Weld nuts are made with a greater amount of material than other nuts so that the nut; s form is maintained after being welded to another object.

 square weld nut ss304

Manufacturing engineerin

Is the material of the welding workpieces (same or dissimilar), by heat or pressure or both and, with or without filling materials, and make the material of workpiece and to form a permanent connection between atomic processes, welded nuts are fasteners with internal threads and used with bolts. A mechanical part that has internal threads and is used in conjunction with a screw to convey movement or power.


Weld nut designs

Weld nut designs are based on size, shape, thickness, and configuration. These industrial fasteners are welded onto another metal piece and can bridge gaps or seams. A weld nut is able to be used in restricted or limited space areas. The hex weld nut design is ideal for heavy duty applications whereas a tab nut is typically used for lighter jobs. A right angle weld nut attaches to the parent material and creates a threaded hole vertical to base material.

Weld nut size chart

weld nut


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