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Spring washer design

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The spring washer is widely used in the bearing and non-load-bearing structure of general mechanical products, which is characterized by low cost and convenient installation, which is suitable for assembling and disassembling frequently. But the spring washer is very low - proof.

Especially in the European and American countries, the adoption rate of high reliability products is extremely low; especially the important bearing structure connection part has been abandoned for many years.

Our country has some applications in the military, but it has been improved to stainless steel. The steel spring washer is said to have been banned in CASC. It's also very unsafe, for two reasons. One is the "loop" and the other one is hydrogen embrittlement.


Spring washer is a special existence, nut to the community of about spring washer design concept is also very interesting, now, and we have around the load and deflection for the performance.


Load and deflection are the key characteristics of a spring washer. How much will the washer deflect under a given load and at what point will it flatten.


These values are normally shown in Load/Deflection (LD) curves with load, or applied force, measured on one axis and washer deflection on the other.


When considering washer design, there is an obvious relationship between washer thickness and load bearing characteristics. There is an inverse relationship between washer thickness and spring compensation or deflection. The physical design of washers can be varied to serve either or both of these basic performance characteristics.

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