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Stainless steel threaded rod

A stainless steel threaded rod is a fastener which is also known as a stud. Studs are made up of a long rod which has threading on both ends. Threading is a helical structure used to convert between rotational and linear movement or force. The presence of threading enables nuts, bolts, and other fasteners to easily screw onto the rod.

There are many unique values provided by stainless steel threading rod that make it an extremely useful construction and industrial project material

1. Corrosion Resistance

2. Fire & Heat Resistance

3. Strength-To-Weight

4. Long Term Value

Stainless steel threaded rod proves, when tested, to be stronger than most Grade 2 steels, but weaker than Grade 5 and Grade 8 stainless steel raw materials that have been hardened. Depending on the ratio of metals in the alloy, the definitive strength of most stainless steel grades will range from about 70 to 220 ksi.

We can do DIN975 stainless steel threaded rod, DIN976 stainless steel threaded rodANSI/ASME B 18.31.3-2009 stainless steel threaded rod, or according to customer requirment to production.


In Goshen hardware you can purchase a partial piece of stainless steel threaded rod. Contact us for more information regarding our stainless steel all thread products for your project needs, or request a quote today.

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