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  • Aug
    How to using stainless steel self drilling screw

    How to using stainless steel drilling screw:Due to the essential difference between stainless steel and carbon steel, stainless steel has good extension, improper use is easy to lead to screw can not go into smoothly, the binding force is not strong.(1) confirm whether the mechanical properties of t

  • Jun
    Maintenance of stainless steel

    All Stainless Steel will discolour, stain or rust if not maintained correctly. No grade of stainless steel is exempt from this.Even Marine grade 316 stainless steel will discolour and stain if installed in an aggressive environment and not maintained properly.The more aggressive an environment is, t

  • May
    How to make the washer play better value in the bolt connection?

    How to make the washer play better value in the bolt connection?As common connecting parts, bolts are commonly used in mechanical equipment, automobiles, trains and building structures. Choose the appropriate bolt type according to different requirements.

  • Oct
    What is welding stud screw

    Welding screws are also called energy storage screws, electric bolt welding studs, or welding nails. Welded screws are used in a small range and are used in the sheet metal industry and in the production of the chassis. Although the use of welding screws and rivet screws is the same, the principle o

  • Oct
    what is Double head stud bolt

    The main purpose is to make the industrial products into a fixed unit. In use, it often occurs that the teeth and the teeth cannot be tightly sealed, if the screws are too tightly locked, or the screw heads are broken, or the dents are not tightly locked, etc., the quality is Precision problem. Scre

  • May
    What is flange nut?Flange nut service characteristics

    Flange nut definition We generally refer to the nut of the hexagonal flange face as the flange nut. The use of flange nuts is also very common. Generally, many flange bolts are required for the use of flange nuts. Moreover, if the flange nut is used, the fastening is very good.

  • Mar
    How to correctly prepay stainless steel bolts and nuts to thread galling

    Because stainless steel 304 have good ductility, if you use it misemploy, it will be thread galling, and if you still use electric wrench after thread galling, the bolt will be broken.there are below advice way to avoid the thread galling, 1. chose right bolts, a, chose suitable bolt length and diam

  • Aug
    Global Engine Fastener Market Growth Analysis--stainless steel bolt

    The research report Global Engine Fastener Market Analysis 2018 offers an estimation of the overall market size from 2013 to 2023 in terms of value (US$) and in volume (kilo tons). The engine fastener research report also presents a thorough assessment of the market key segments and it’s relative ma

  • Aug
    Stainless steel threaded rod

    A stainless steel threaded rod is a fastener which is also known as a stud. Studs are made up of a long rod which has threading on both ends. Threading is a helical structure used to convert between rotational and linear movement or force. The presence of threading enables nuts, bolts, and other fas

  • Aug
    What type do you need of stinless steel screw?

    What type do you need of stinless steel screw?Stainless steel screw include : stainless steel chipboard screws , stainless steel hammer head screw, stainless steel hex cap screw , stainless steel hex socket screws , stainless steel hook, stainless steel machine screws ,stainless steel self drilling

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